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Ukraine not solely to blame for slow offensive: Ex NATO strategist

Published : 08 Dec 2023, 03:11

  DF News Desk
File Photo: Peter Steffen/dpa.

A retired German general and former NATO strategist has said he doesn't see a prospect for a negotiated peace in Russia's war against its neighbour Ukraine, and lamented what he called "unfortunate delays" in heavy weapons deliveries to Kiev, reported dpa.

"There will be no diplomatic solution with (Russian President Vladimir) Putin," said retired Brigadier General Klaus Wittmann in an interview with the German media outlet Mediengruppe Bayern, published on Thursday.

"He may not be irrational, as some claim, but he is obsessed," Wittman said. Putin wants revenge and to be recognized as a great leader, he said.

Wittmann, who teaches contemporary history at the University of Potsdam, partly blames German Chancellor Olaf Scholz for the faltering Ukrainian counteroffensive.

"At the beginning of the offensive, we were quick to deliver anti-tank missiles and air defence equipment, and today we are doing a lot for air defence. But there were also unfortunate delays," said Wittmann.

If heavy weapons had been delivered earlier, for example, the Russian military would not have had the time to prepare and expand their lines of defence, he said.

"If we now stand on the sidelines and criticize the fact that Ukraine is not making proper progress, we have to bear in mind that we have a share in this."