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1 wounded in German school shooting

Published : 10 Nov 2023, 00:22

  DF News Desk
Police officers and members of the crisis intervention team stand in front of the Blankenese district school. Photo: Bodo Marks/dpa.

A teenaged pupil at a school in south-west Germany shot and wounded a person on Thursday, reported dpa.

Police arrested the suspected shooter following a massive response to the school in the town of Offenburg at around noon (1100 GMT) on Thursday.

The injured person, a male, was first treated by emergency services.

Police currently believe the suspect acted alone and that only one person was injured in the shooting.

Nonetheless, police cordoned off a wide area around the school and kept pupils in classrooms for their own safety

"The police are on site with strong forces," the school said in a statement.

The shooting comes a day after a separate incident at a school in the northern German port city of Hamburg where two teenagers reportedly threatened a teacher with a firearm before fleeing.

No one was injured in the Hamburg incident on Wednesday.