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AI safety declaration issued at UK summit

Published : 03 Nov 2023, 02:02

  DF News Desk
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A declaration on artificial intelligence (AI) safety was issued at a summit here on Thursday. Under the declaration, 28 countries and the European Union (EU) agreed on the need for a new global effort to ensure AI is developed and used in a safe and responsible way, reported Xinhua.

AI presents enormous opportunities, and has the potential to enhance human wellbeing, peace and prosperity, the British government said in a statement accompanying the declaration.

However, they agree that substantial risks may arise from intentional misuse of AI, or control of frontier AI, with particular concerns raised over cybersecurity, biotechnology and disinformation risks.

The declaration states that risks are "best addressed through international cooperation."

During the two-day meeting, representatives from the United States, Britain, the EU, China, India, among others, discussed risks and opportunities brought about by the rapid AI development.

According to the British government, the Republic of Korea agreed to co-host a mini virtual summit on AI in the next six months, and France will then host the next summit a year from now.