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Erdogan lashes out at West, Israel over Gaza conflict

Published : 29 Oct 2023, 00:23

  DF News Desk
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan speaks at the parliament in Ankara, Türkiye, Oct. 1, 2023. File Photo: Handout via Xinhua.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Saturday accused the West of failing to stop the Israeli offensive and slammed Israel's attacks on Gaza, reported Xinhua.

Addressing a pro-Palestinian rally, Erdogan said "it's the West that is most responsible" for the killing in Gaza.

The Israel-Hamas conflict has entered its 22nd day, but "the Western leaders cannot even call on Israel for a ceasefire, let alone react to it," he added.

Hundreds of thousands of supporters joined the "Great Palestine Rally" on Saturday called by Erdogan's ruling Justice and Development Party.

The Turkish president said the rally would show that Türkiye stands with the Palestinian people against Israeli oppression.

After Erdogan's speech, Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen announced that he had recalled the country's diplomatic representatives from Türkiye in response and would "reassess" the relations with Türkiye.

Erdogan had canceled a planned visit to Israel earlier this week.