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Climate change protesters demonstrate, blockade streets in Berlin

Published : 28 Oct 2023, 23:30

  DF News Desk
Environmental activists take part in a protest at the 17 June Street in Berlin on Saturday. Photo: Paul Zinken/dpa.

Several hundred people demonstrated in Berlin on Saturday to demand more action on climate change, with crowds lining up to block traffic on sections of the Straße des 17. Juni on central Berlin, reported dpa.

Police broke up some of the blockades set up by climate activists, particularly after about 60 demonstrators glued themselves to the street.

The radical climate activist group Last Generation has called for a "mass occupation" of the street, which runs from western Berlin to the iconic Brandenburg Gate near the Reichstag parliamentary building.

In addition to Last Generation activists, members of the groups Extinction Rebellion, Scientist Rebellion and the Federation for the Environment and Nature Conservation (BUND) also joined Saturday's protests.

Demonstrators carried banners with slogans including "Stop the fossil madness, climate revolution now" and "Protecting the climate is not a crime."