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BMW criticizes German govt, EU

Published : 27 Oct 2023, 00:16

  DF News Desk
Milan Nedeljkovic, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG responsible for production, gives his keynote address at a press event at BMW's Cell Manufacturing Competence Centre (CMCC) in Parsdorf. Photo: Matthias Balk/dpa.

Carmaker BMW sternly criticized the German government and the European Union in an unusual move, before BMW's chief of production outlined the company's plans, reported dpa.

Board member Milan Nedeljković stated in Parsdorf near Munich on Thursday that the business world is "increasingly confronted with short-term legislative changes and growing bureaucracy," hampering investments.

In terms of infrastructure, Germany is falling behind internationally, he said. Unreliable transport routes, high energy costs, as well as inadequate network coverage are not acceptable for a modern industrial location," Nedeljković added.

Germany and Europe must ensure that they do not fall behind as an industrial hub in competition with other economic regions, the chief of production urged.

In two years, BMW plans to introduce a fundamentally new generation of electric cars to the market, with 30% more range and charging speed. Nedeljković launched the production of the necessary battery cells in a new €170 million ($179 million) pilot plant in Parsdorf.

The facility can produce 1 million cells annually, which are expected to be used in the New Class models from 2025.

The company stated that its long-term goal is a fully recyclable battery cell, which is economically necessary given the expensive raw materials. BMW has already produced initial battery cells from 100% recycled cathode material.

The first models of the New Class are set to be produced at the main plant in Munich and in the east Hungarian city of Debrecen.