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Renewed threats of attack at German schools, radio station

Published : 24 Oct 2023, 23:55

  DF News Desk
Police cordon can be seen in place after a bomb threat at Antenne Thuringia radio station. Photo: Johannes Krey/dpa.

There have been renewed threats at several German schools and radio stations, following a series of bomb threats that targeted at least seven schools and public broadcaster ZDF on Monday, reported dpa.

A secondary school in the southern state of Bavaria was evacuated after it received a second bomb threat on Tuesday morning.

Police spoke of a threat that came in via email with links to the Islamist militant group Hamas.

In the Thuringian capital Erfurt, threats were received at three schools. These were not bomb threats, but "threats of violence," police told dpa.

The buildings of the schools had not yet been searched, police said.

Meanwhile, a broadcasting centre also in the state of Thuringia housing three radio stations - Antenne Thüringen, Landeswelle Thüringen and Radio Top40 - was evacuated after it received a bomb threat via e-mail, which police said was sent by Hamas.

Tests for explosives are being carried out in the building, police said.

On Monday, threats against several schools triggered major police operations nationwide. Schools in the states of Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, North Rhine Westphalia, Saxony and Thuringia were affected.

The headquarters of public broadcaster ZDF in the western city of Mainz were also evacuated briefly because of a bomb threat.

Nothing suspicious was found and police gave the all-clear on Monday.