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Several missing after cargo ship collision in North Sea off Germany

Published : 24 Oct 2023, 22:43

  By Helen Hoffmann, dpa
The freighter "Polesie" departs Rotterdam on in 2013. Several people are missing after a collision between two cargo ships in the North Sea on Tuesday morning. Photo: Dietmar Hasenpusch/ Photo-Productions/dpa.

One sailor was found dead after the collision of two cargo ships in the North Sea off Germany, the Central Command for Maritime Emergencies reported on Tuesday. Two others were rescued and four are still missing, the German Sea Rescue Society said.

The accident occurred on Tuesday morning about 22 kilometres south-west of the island of Helgoland and 31 kilometres north-east of the island of Langeoog.

The search for the missing is ongoing.

One person was rescued from the water and given medical treatment, said the command, which has taken over the overall management of the rescue operation.

According to its report, the cargo ships Polesie and Verity collided at about 5 am (0300 GMT), causing the Verity to sink. The Polesie, which had 22 people on board, was said to be buoyant.

Numerous ships and a German navy helicopter were deployed to search for the missing.

The command had a sensor aircraft fly over the sea area in order to get more detailed information.

A cruise ship sailing in the area is also supporting the search. People could receive medical care there, it said. Doctors are on board. Additional medical personnel are to be flown to the accident site by helicopter.