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Bomb threats reported at German broadcaster, schools

Published : 23 Oct 2023, 21:43

  DF News Desk
A general view of the Second German Television (ZDF) building on the Lerchenberg in Mainz. File Photo: Helmut Fricke/dpa.

Bomb threats were reported at least six German schools on Monday morning as well as at the headquarters of public broadcaster ZDF in the western city of Mainz, reported dpa.

Classes were cancelled for hundreds of pupils in the morning. In most cases, the all-clear was given shortly afterwards.

Schools in the Bavarian cities of Augsburg and Regensburg, Karlsruhe and Mannheim in Baden-Württemberg, Solingen in North Rhine Westphalia and the Thuringian capital Erfurt were affected.

In three cases, the school had received the threat via e-mail.

The reason for the threats was still unclear at midday.

Police in Mainz said several buildings on the ZDF premises were evacuated to ensure the safety of staff and others, including the broadcasting operations building and the high-rise building in which the station's administration is located.

A total of around 600 ZDF employees were able to return to their workplaces after the all-clear was given.