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Air traffic resumes at Hamburg Airport after Iran aircraft threat

Published : 09 Oct 2023, 21:45

  DF News Desk
File Photo: David Young/dpa.

Flight operations at Hamburg Airport, which had been suspended due to a bomb threat against an aircraft from Iran, have resumed, reported dpa.

"Flight operations have resumed. Flight delays may still occur," it said on the airport's website on Monday afternoon.

Germany's Air Force escorted the plane from Tehran.

"This morning, our alert squadron from Laage was activated, the air force wrote on the social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter.

It said a civilian aircraft en route from Tehran to Hamburg had been escorted by the air force until it landed in Hamburg after entering German airspace east of Berlin following a bomb threat.

Flight operations were completely suspended at around 12:40 pm (1040 GMT). There were no take-offs or landings for about one and a half hours, and arriving aircraft were diverted to places such as Hanover.

A spokesman for the Federal Police told dpa that they had received an e-mail threatening to attack the Tehran-Hamburg flight. The agency did not provide further details.

The plane landed in Hamburg at 12:20 pm and was brought to a special area. The 198 passengers and 16 crew members were able to leave the aircraft normally and were subjected to a security check in a separate area.

The aircraft and luggage were also reportedly searched.