Saturday June 10, 2023

German police station cleared after minister receives suspect letter

Published : 26 May 2023, 01:17

  DF News Desk
File Photo: Rene Priebe/dpa.

A police station in the north-western German city of Flensburg was evacuated after an envelope addressed to Economy Minister Robert Habeck was found to contain a suspicious white powder, a police spokeswoman said on Thursday, reported dpa.

An investigation had ruled out the presence of dangerous chemicals or radioactive materials, she said. The contents are thought to have been fine sand, but the possible presence of biological agents remains to be investigated.

A police spokesman said earlier the envelope had been delivered to Habeck's constituency office in the city on Wednesday and handed in to the police station. The police had then called in the fire services to check its contents.

The police station was evacuated and a complex 3-hour investigation ensued. No injuries have been reported.