Wednesday May 22, 2024

Helsinki University students start demo protesting Israeli attacks on Gaza

Published : 07 May 2024, 04:20

  DF Report
A baby injured in Israeli attacks in Gaza. File Photo: Xinhua.

Students of the University of Helsinki on Monday started a pro-Palestine demonstration at the campus protesting against the Israeli attacks on Gaza.

The students under the banner of “Students for Palestine” also demanded that the University of Helsinki should cut relations with Israeli universities.

Terming the Israeli attacks on the children and innocent people as genocide, they also demanded immediate stop of the barbaric attacks.

The protestors said that the university should cancel all the exchange student agreements with the universities in Israel as some of the universities are involved in developing weapons for the attacks.

They gathered at the campus with tents and necessary equipment and vowed to continue the protest until the Helsinki university ends relations with the Israeli universities.

Earlier in October, several hundreds of people staged a demonstration at Helsinki city centre protesting against the Israeli attacks in Gaza.