Saturday December 02, 2023

Special diploma to recognise climate activism

Published : 08 Feb 2023, 22:44

Updated : 08 Feb 2023, 22:50

  DF Report
File Photo via DW.

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs is launching the new Climate Honours diploma to recognise and thank those involved in climate work. Finland’s network of missions around the world will grant Climate Honours to individuals and small organisations that are leading the way in combating climate change, said an official govrnment press release.

International studies show that Finland is a valued climate actor, and that environmental and sustainable growth issues are one of the key strengths of Finland’s country image. Launched by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the Climate Honours diploma will contribute to the continual strengthening of Finland’s international profile, while also drawing attention to those who are involved in climate work.

The diploma recipients will be published on, which highlights Finland’s climate work. The website provides a great deal of information on Finland’s climate expertise in business, in education and at the municipal level.Finland wants the new diploma to encourage discussion on climate issues and call attention to international actors working for a common future. The Climate Honours are not only a tribute to persistent work, but also a message about the importance of cooperation beyond borders.“Our job is to make sure that future generations can enjoy a healthy planet, too,” said Kerstin Stendahl, Special Envoy for Climate Change at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

“Close international cooperation is essential so that we can ensure opportunities for a good life for current and future generations.” added the special envoy.

The diploma will also help Finland demonstrate its expertise in sustainable development and innovations that can be used to find common solutions.