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Early bird registration till March 20

Rovaniemi hosts 2nd Arctic Arts Summit in June 3-5

Published : 13 Mar 2019, 15:40

Updated : 13 Mar 2019, 15:47

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Photo Source: AAS.

Rovaniemi hosts the second Arctic Arts Summit in June 3–5 to strengthen and promote art and culture as a spearhead in the circumpolar cooperation, build lasting networks for development and interaction in arts and culture, cultural education and community life in the Arctic.

The theme of this year´s summit, “Sustainability – Arctic laboratory,” refers to sustainability as a wide issue and means that sustainability can be developed in the Arctic and it can be applied elsewhere.

“Registration for participation in the summit is going on. About 100 people from 13 countries, including all the Arctic countries, have already registered,” Maria Huhmarniemi from the Faculty of Art and Design, University of Lapland, told Daily Finland.

She said that many key individuals and key institutions are taking part in the event. “The artistic program is stunning. I just confirmed that Sámi band Solju will perfom after the dinner on Wednesday,” Huhmarniemi added.

The organizers said that early-bird registration, which will run till March 20, will get a discount.

The early bird registration fee has been set at 100 euros a person, and the normal registration fee is 130 euros a person. Registration fee for students has been set at 80 euros. There is also option for single day´s ticket which has been priced at 50 euros for the first day while 70 euros for the second and the third day each.

The registration fees include access to all meeting activities, including talks, workshops, exhibitions and performances along with coffee breaks and lunches depending on the programs.

“About 300–400 participants are expected in the summit. We truly celebrate the Arctic arts and culture and not only talk about it. We bring indigenous and non-indigenous people in dialogues in the Summit,” said Huhmarniemi.

The summit will be an arena to develop insights and knowledge about the Arctic and create a broader discourse in the field of northern areas. The project involves cooperation between several key social areas in the Nordic region and presents perspectives from all of academia, politics, industry and art.

One of the central themes in the Arctic Arts Summit 2019 is that art and culture seen as an important part of the regional development in the Arctic.

“The title of the event ‘Arctic as a Laboratory for sustainable art and cultural policy’ refers to the innovative collaboration between the art and cultural sector, creative economy, business owners and regional development. We will invite business development agencies and authorities responsible for regional development to participate in the event,” Huhmarniemi added.

The Arctic Arts Summit, held in Northern Norway in 2017, was the first in which all the eight Arctic countries participated to highlight circumpolar arts and culture, said an official press release.

The summit is as a biennale planned to travel through the Arctic countries to facilitate perspectives and establish ownership for the important role of arts and culture in developing the Arctic. Finland has now taken over the project from the Norwegian project team.

After the success of the Arctic Arts Summit 2017, Norway’s project group has worked to keep the policymakers and stakeholders accountable for the final statement of the Harstad Summit.

‘We have traveled the Arctic to establish the idea of an Arctic collaboration towards an Arctic cultural policy built on humans and culture of the circumpolar north as a vital part of the Arctic development,” said Maria Utsi, founder of the Arctic Arts Summit and director of the Arctic Arts Festival.

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