Wednesday July 17, 2024

Juhannus celebrated across country

Published : 23 Jun 2024, 02:43

  DF Report
File Photo: Xinhua.

The traditional Juhannus (Midsummer) was celebrated almost peacefully across the country amid festivity and joy excepting few sporadic incidents of road mishap, drowning and drunk driving.

Three people were killed and another was injured when a van collided head-on with a private car at Leppävirta, a municipality in North Savo region at the early hour of Juhannus night while another person was drowned in water at Kristiinakaupunki in Ostrobothnia region on the eve of the Juhannus on Friday afternoon.

People from all walks of life thronged the banks of lakes, rivers and sea along with their family, relations and friends and light bonfires on Friday evening to add colours to the festival.

There were exotic foods and drinks, besides music, dance, songs and making fun, on the occasion of the biggest summer celebration.

All offices including government and private excepting the emergency services remained closed till Monday.

Friday night—Midsummer's Eve—passed off relatively calmly around Finland.

Midsummer traditionally marks the beginning of the summer holiday.

For 65 years, many residents of Helsinki flock to Seurasaari, an island in the greater region of Helsinki to watch midsummer bonfires.

Nowadays, Finnish Silverline offers boat trips from the Laukontori harbour. The cruise rate includes midsummer bonfire, dance and a coupe for sauna.

It is believed that the biblical John the Baptist was born on the Midsummer Day.