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Juhannus celebrations begin amidst festivity, joy

Published : 22 Jun 2024, 01:11

  DF Report
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People from all walks of life are celebrating the Juhannus (Midsummer), one of the largest traditional festivals from Friday evening.

People thronged the banks of lakes, rivers and sea along with their family, relations and friends to light bonfires.

There will be exotic foods and drinks, besides music, dance, songs and making fun, on the occasion of the biggest summer celebration.

All offices including government and private excepting the emergency services will remain closed till Monday.

There are various events to go around in various parts of Helsinki and other parts of the country.

The programme also includes other smaller bonfires, a Midsummer pole decorated in flowers, Finnish folk dances and a magic path where you can make spells in the enchanted night.

Nowadays, Finnish Silverline offers boat trips from the Laukontori harbour. The cruise rate includes midsummer bonfire, dance and a coupe for sauna.

Every year, Midsummer bonfires lead to forest fires. Most of the fires are due to poor preparations or carelessness.

Regional rescue authorities may also, on reasonable grounds, prohibit the making of open fires in their rescue service regions or parts of them for a specific period of time. All inquiries concerning the lighting of bonfires should be submitted to the rescue department in question.

If there are no forest or grass fire warnings in the area, people should exercise special caution in the lighting of bonfires. Lighting a bonfire on someone else’s land requires permission from the landowner.

Meanwhile, the police will monitor Midsummer traffic with both traditionally marked and unmarked vehicles and automatic surveillance devices.

The main focus of enforcement will be on driving speeds, overtaking and driving distances, as well as control of intoxicants both on land and on water, said police in a press release.