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Audiences of cultural events on wane drastically in 2022

Published : 17 Nov 2023, 02:24

  DF Report

Visits to cultural events, such as going to the cinema, concerts, live performances, museums and sports events, decreased strongly in 2022, according to Statistics Finland.

The restrictions imposed by the coronavirus broke the previous upward development and the number of visitors has not returned to the level prior to it.

Seeing relatives and friends declined significantly in 2022, but other contacts with them stayed unchanged.

In all, 56 per cent of Finns aged 16 or over had creative hobbies in 2022.

Altogether 68 per cent of Finns aged 16 or over had read some book in 12 months in 2022.

Upper-level salaried employees visited cultural events most frequently, agricultural entrepreneurs did most voluntary work.