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Tampere unveils PM´s portrait

Published : 22 Nov 2022, 00:25

  DF Report
Photo: City of Tampere by Laura Happo.

The City of Tampere on Monday unveiled a portrait of Prime Minister Sanna Marin, also a former Chairperson of the city council, said the city in a press release.

The gold and red-tinted portrait, which was unveiled at the City Hall, drawn from the inspiration of the city's coat of arms, the artist, Meeri Koutaniemi said.

Marin served as the chairperson of the Tampere city council from 2013 to 2017.

“When I served as the chair of the Tampere council, together we made number of bold and progressive decisions to build the future of the city. I have always admired photographer Meeri Koutaniemi's work, and I am glad that she drew it,” the Premier said.

Koutaniemi said that the strong red colour of the portrait shows respect to Tampere's leftist roots. The arms also included symbolic elements of a hammer, a caduceus and waves.

City Council Chairman Ilmari Nurminen also spoke on the occasion.