Sunday April 21, 2024

Number of electric cars in Finland rises by 85% in 2023

Published : 02 Mar 2024, 23:57

  DF Report
DF File Photo by Iqbal Hossain.

There were 86,011 electric passenger cars registered in Mainland Finland at the end of 2023, which was 85 per cent higher than the number in 2022, according to Statistics Finland.

The Finnish vehicle register contained a total of 7,247,926 vehicles at the end of 2023, of which 5,246,942 were in traffic use.

The total number of registered vehicles grew by 1.5 per cent and the number of vehicles in traffic use increased 0.6 per cent compared with the situation at the end of 2022.

There were 3,744,469 registered passenger cars in Finland at the end of last year, which was one per cent more than one year earlier.

The number of passenger cars in traffic use was 2,782,205, which was 0.6 per cent more than in 2022.

The average age of passenger cars in traffic use was 13.2 years in Mainland Finland. The average age has risen by 0.3 years from 2022.