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Success of 1st Rovaniemi Talvitriathlon paves way for its replication

12 Feb 2018, 16:17 ( 11 Months ago)

DF Report
Rovaniemi Talvitriathlon 2018. Photo Arctic Triathlon Club by Tommi Haapakangas.

Rovaniemi Talvitriathlon 2018, the first winter triathlon was held in the city on February 11 Sunday with 24 sportspersons from across the northern Finland taking part.

Kemijoki Multisport, a newly formed organisation run by Kai Ahokangas, and the Arctic Triathlon Club led by Jaana Leminen-Lahdenperä organised the event jointly.

The race combining 8km of running, 12km of cycling, and 10km of skiing was so successful as to induce the organisers to take the decision to hold the event in Rovaniemi every year.

Elli Headman won the title in women category. Daily Finland Photo.“I initiated the summer triathlon in Pirttikoski three years ago and have since been organising it every year. This year I have launched the winter triathlon in Rovaniemi,” said Kai Ahokangas, adding that from now on the event will be held in Rovaniemi every year on the second Sunday of February.

The Talvitriathlon started from Jäämerentie by the Kemijoki River at 10:00am and ended at the same place after completing all the components of the triathlon.

“We have awarded medals to all the participants who successfully finished the race, in addition to the awards given to the winners,” said Ahokangas.

Ahokangas said triathlon is his hobby, albeit an expensive one. He together with Jaana Leminen-Lahdenperä organised the event in cooperation with a few sponsors. Ahokangas said they hope to get more cooperation in the future so that the event can be held on a larger scale.

“We are expecting to hold a bigger event next year with participants coming from all over the country,” said Leminen-Lahdenperä, who was awarded the Ironman title twice – once in Sweden and again in Denmark – and won the Finnish championship four times.

Leminen-Lahdenperä, who has been running the Arctic Triathlon Club in Rovaniemi for three years now, also wishes for the Rovaniemi Talvitriathlon to be an international event in the future, if they get adequate cooperation from sponsors and other quarters.

Jouni Suopanki topped the 1st Rovaniemi Talvitriathlon in men category, while Elli Headman won the title in the women category.

“I am really happy to win the title and I did enjoy the event,” said Headman, 17, from Tervola.

Headman said, although she is basically a cyclist, she won the race as she had practised running and skiing a lot ahead of the competition. She also hopes to take part in the next Rovaniemi Talvitriathlon to defend her title.

The organizer Kai Ahokangas is awarding medal to one of the participants who completed the race. Daily Finland Photo.