Monday April 12, 2021

22 infected with coronavirus in Helsinki care homes

Published : 01 Apr 2021, 22:21

Updated : 02 Apr 2021, 01:03

  DF Report

Photo: Freepik.

Coronavirus infections have been reported in the home-care areas of Haaga and Laakso, where both clients and employees have fallen ill, said the City of Helsinki in a press release.

A wider cluster of infections has been identified during March. In the Haaga area, nine employees and nine clients were infected while in Laakso, two clients and two employees were infected.

All the infected people were ordered into isolation, while those exposed to the virus have been ordered into quarantine.

“Employees and customers have been extensively tested and it seems that the home care epidemic is now slowing down. No new infections have been detected this week,” said Service District Director Maarit Rautio.

Despite the illnesses and quarantines of nurses, visits of customers can still be handled almost normally.

“Customers can be confident that they will receive the help they need, even in this exceptional situation,” said Rautio.