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Finns consume too much salt : THL

Published : 30 Dec 2019, 02:01

  DF Report

Photo VisitFinland by Jani Kärppä/Flatlight Films.

The Finnish people consume too much salt, reported national broadcaster Yle quoting Finnish institute for health and welfare (THL).

The THL also suggested that the people should reduce their appetite for salt.

According to THL, about all male and 96 percent female people in the country consume too much salt.

On an average a man consume 10 grams of salt per day, which is double as much as daily guidelines recommend, said the report, quoting THL research director Liisa Valsta.

Women consume a daily average of 7 grams, said the report.

Tuija Pusa from the Finnish Heart Association said 1.5 grams is more than enough salt for an adult. This means people get enough salt from their food without sprinkling any more of it on their meals, the Yle report added.