Monday January 18, 2021

Swedish healthcare system under pressure amid COVID-19

Published : 14 Jan 2021, 03:05

  DF News Desk

A man wearing a face mask walks in the street during the COVID-19 pandemic in Stockholm, capital of Sweden, on Nov. 3, 2020. File Photo: Xinhua.

Sweden's healthcare system is under pressure as the coronavirus pandemic is showing no signs of abating in the country, said a latest report submitted to the government, reported Xinhua.

Four out of Sweden's 21 regions said the COVID-19 pandemic is "seriously affecting life and health" while seven regions said regular healthcare provision is being negatively affected, according to the report.

Swedish Television said Wednesday that healthcare systems around Sweden are under great strain and important medical interventions are being postponed due to a lack of staff and resources.

Mats Bojesti, a health and hospital director in the Jonkoping region in southern Sweden, said that some medical personnel are working 13-hour shifts in order to fit in surgeries. The Uppsala region, just north of Stockholm, reported that the "consequences are becoming more serious the longer the pandemic lasts."

Most regions said that testing and vaccination procedures are satisfactory, though the Gavleborg region in the east has put anti-body testing on hold because of a lack of resources and the Kalmar region in the southeast reported an inability to cope with the vaccination demand.

Sweden registered 5,337 new coronavirus cases and 167 new deaths since Tuesday.

A total of 512,203 people in the country have been confirmed infected with COVID-19, and the total number of deaths now stood at 9,834.

As the world is struggling to contain the pandemic, vaccination is underway in some countries with the already-authorized coronavirus vaccines.

Meanwhile, 236 candidate vaccines are still being developed worldwide -- 63 of them in clinical trials -- in countries including Germany, China, Russia, Britain and the United States, according to information released by WHO on Tuesday.