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Finnish, Chinese artists embrace the Spirit of Nature

Published : 02 Sep 2019, 10:03

  DF Report by Nhat Ngoc Trinh

DF Photo.

A Joint Chinese-Finnish Art Exhibition entitled “Spirit of Nature” is being held at the Lower Foyer hall in Helsinki Music Centre organized by the Embassy of China in Helsinki.

The exhibition, who brings together the traditional Chinese paintings from Chinese Artist Hong Chao, and watercolor paintings from Finnish Artists Aulikki Nukala, Marja Koskiniemi , Valentina Näsi, Marjukka Paunila and Sirkku Ala-Harja has begun on August 27 and will continue till September 6.

More than 40 paining are being exhibited where the visitors can contemplate the beauty of the Chinese brush technique and landscape painting philosophy while seeing different water colors in the Finnish artworks.

“This is a good opportunity for both Chinese and Finnish artists to come together, share experience and get to know each other better, in terms of artistic mutual understanding and techniques. I appreciate the large-sized artworks from the Chinese artist because he made these specifically for this occasion.” said  You Yi, Culture Counsellor of the Embassy of China to Finland in the inaugural ceremony last week.

Aulikki Nukala – Country Head of International Watercolor Society and member of Finnish Painters Union shared her feeling towards the event said, “It is so interesting that the event could take place in less than one month. It is very nice to see our Finnish artworks together with the Chinese paintings.

Chinese artist, Mr. Hong Chao, well-known by his pen name Yunmenshanren, is currently one of the leading artists in China with the most honorable recognition, the National artist. Hong Chao has been honored with a handful rewards, including the Gold Prize in World Peace Art Exhibition awarded by he United Nations president Annan, Gold Award in “Peace-friendship” Art Exhibition and many other national awards. Coming to the exhibition, Chao introduced large-sized paintings, such as “Scenery after snow” and “Moonlight on the Yan Mountains”, which amazed the local artists and visitors.   

“Human beings should reserve, love and understand nature and comply with nature. Harmonizing with the spirit of nature is the eternal theme of my art life” Chao said.

In Finland, people have a close relationship with nature since it has crucial impacts on their sustainable well-being. While China is famous for its beautiful landscapes which has always been an inspiration for the artists. The exhibition ignited the creative spirit of the participants based on their common ground of nature worship.

“Finnish people love nature. They have wonderful nature wonders and resources. I believe that the theme itself has inspired the local participants, while it is also a tradition for the Chinese artists to make scenic landscape paintings. This is a mutual interest.” Culture Counsellor Yi added.

“In art to me is very important contact with nature, breathing of life – sensitivity and power. I am happy that we all made a good decision on the theme for this exhibition,” Aulikki Nukala said.

During his whole artistic journey around the world, Chao actively creates works and engages in mentoring young artists. His on-going series of paintings have been widely exhibited in the United States, Japan and different national museums in China. At the exhibition, Chao would like to interpret the flourishing, magnificent and elegant beauty of nature and his tribute to the Finnish people for their efforts in preserving their nature. “I invite all of my Finnish friend to visit China and bring your artworks for exchange exhibitions. We can learn from each other and deepen our friendship” Chao said.

 In recent years, Finland and China have been keeping on good bilateral relation, and the Embassy of China in Finland plays an active role in promoting tourism development and performing art exchange between the two countries. “In the coming years, we are planning to send more Chinese performing art groups to Finland and organize more events like this. We are looking forward to further cooperation based on good sister relationship between Helsinki and Beijing.” Yi said.