Talks continue as locomotive drivers warn of strike from March 20

15 Mar 2023, 01:44

  DF Report

File Photo: VR.

Railway Union Association (Rautatiealan Unioni Ry-RAU) representing railway engine drivers warned to go for a strike from March 20 to March 31, if its demand for a collective bargaining agreement is not realized by this time, said RAU in a press release on Tuesday.

If the strike takes place, rail communication will be disrupted completely across the country.

Meanwhile, national mediator Anu Saajava and the RAU leaders and held negotiation meeting on Tuesday night but the meeting ended without any significant outcome.

They will meet again on Thursday to find out an amicable solution to avoid the strike, said RAU.

RAU chairman Tero Palomäki after the negotiation meeting in a twitter post wrote late Tuesday night about finding a ground and hoped to find out a solution on Thursday.

The union is mainly demanding an agreement on working hours improvement and a better arrangement for parental leave.