Newly furbished T1 at Helsinki Airport opens on 1 Dec

25 Nov 2021, 03:31

  DF Report

Photo: Finavia.

The new and shiny extension of Terminal 2 at Helsinki Airport will open on 1 December, said Finavia, the company operates country´s airports in a press release on Wednesday.

In addition to the impressive main entrance and departures hall, the arrivals hall will also be opened.

“We are proud to offer world-class facilities to passengers. I have not yet met anyone who does not become delighted when entering the doors,” said Henri Hansson, Senior Vice President for Technology and Sustainability at Finavia.

The architecturally stunning main entrance leads passengers to the departures hall whose undulating wooden roof makes an impression at first glance. During the day, the space bathes in natural light flooding in through huge windows.  

“The terminal, its facilities and services have been designed as a new business card for Finland. For many, Helsinki Airport is their first contact with our country. Terminal 2 is mostly Finnish high-quality work of which we can be proud.”

One of the goals was to restore a sense of adventure and romance to air travel. The architecture is inspired by classical Finnish design, such as Tapio Wirkkala's Ultima Thule and geographical contours. The design of the roof plays with the alteration of lightness and heaviness. 

The tallest passengers may even be able to touch the ceiling at its lowest parts. The roof made in Raisio is finished with true Finnish spruce. It consists of 500 unique CLT elements that have been positioned one at a time, like a giant puzzle.  

“The visual experience supports the smoothness of travel. The colours and materials will guide the passenger through the terminal. We have completed numerous solutions to make air travel as easy and natural as possible,” said Hansson.