Qatar WC no event 'for the average fan': Flick

13 Aug 2022, 21:34

  DF News Desk

German national soccer coach Hansi Flick regrets that not every fan will be able to enjoy the World Cup in Qatar - for a variety of reasons. Photo: Robert Michael/dpa.

Germany coach Hansi Flick has said he will seek advice from his predecessor Joachim Löw ahead of the World Cup in Qatar which according to him won't be a tournament for the average fan, reported dpa.

"I have many acqaintences who would like to fly to Qatar but won't do so for multiple reasons," Flick told the RND publishing house.

"Because they can't afford the steep prices, because the situation for instance for homosexuals is not acceptable, because there are human rights violations, because minorities are excluded."

"It is a pity that this tournament won't be a World Cup for the fans. Football should be there for everyone. Therefore I say: this won't be a World Cup for the average fan."

The Qatar tournament runs November 20 to December 18. The host nation has been criticised for years in connection with human rights violations. Progress has been made but rights groups say that more needs to be done.

The tournament is the first big event for Flick, who was Löw's assistant from 2006 to the 2014 World Cup triumph and then succeeded him last year.

Flick said he would meet Löw before the event where Germany play Japan, Spain and Costa Rica in the group stage even though he knows "what is important" in the planning stage from his time as assistant.

"It can only be an advantage that I sit down with Jogi again and have an exchange over his impressions and experiences. About what can happen in such a tournament and how he experienced it from the head coach's perspective," Flick said.