Coronavirus infections spotted at 15 nursing homes in Espoo

14 Jan 2022, 00:58

  DF Report

File Photo: Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

Several nursing homes in Espoo have reported coronavirus infections among residents and staff members, said the City of Espoo in a press release on Thursday.

At the Vuoksela nursing home, 14 residents and 5 staff members have been diagnosed with the coronavirus infection.

Last week, coronavirus infections were diagnosed at the Hopeakuu nursing home where a total of 16 residents and  5 staff members have been diagnosed with the coronavirus during last week and this week.

In addition, thirteen other nursing homes have reported individual cases of coronavirus among residents or staff.

The infected residents have been isolated from other residents, and the infected staff members have been placed in isolation.

At housing units whose residents are at risk of severe coronavirus disease, such as nursing homes, exposed individuals may still be placed in quarantine, even though outside health care and social welfare units most exposed people are no longer placed in official quarantine.

Those exposed at nursing homes have been placed in quarantine.

The authority contacted the families of infected residents who have been placed in isolation and of exposed residents who have been placed in quarantine.

Espoo offers intensified sheltered housing for about 1,400 people who can no longer live at home.

There are nearly 40 private and city-run nursing homes in Espoo.