19 infected with coronavirus at Koskela Senior Centre

06 Oct 2021, 02:34

  DF Report

Photo: City of Helsinki by Seppo Laakso.

A total of 13 residents and 6 members of staff at Koskela Senior Centre have been diagnosed with coronavirus infections, said the City of Helsinki in a press release on Tuesday.

The Infections were detected only at one ward. The first infection was found on 30 September.

The ward has been isolated as a precautionary measure and all the residents and members of staff have been tested for coronavirus.

The infected residents are treated in quarantine-like conditions in their own rooms. The health of all the residents at the ward is monitored closely.

Almost all the residents are fully vaccinated and their symptoms are mainly light.

The ward at Koskela Senior Centre has been closed and no new residents are currently being taken in.

The relatives and family members were informed about the incident but no visitor is allowed at this moment.