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Murder of civilians to affect peace in Middle East

16 May 2018, 23:15 ( 16 May, 2018)

DF-Xinhua Report
Mourners and relatives attend the funeral of of eight-month-old Palestinian infant Laila al-Ghandour, who died after inhaling tear gas during a protest at the Israel-Gaza border in Gaza City, on May 15, 2018. File Photo Xinhua.

Member of Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) Executive Committee Hanan Ashrawi said Wednesday that the massacre of Palestinian civilians in Gaza would lead to the destruction of chances of peace in the Middle East.

   Also head of Information and Culture Department, Ashrawi told reporters that the massacre would lead to "the elimination of the U.S. as an even-handed peace broker and its ability to play any role."

   She noted that the United States was "becoming complicit" with Israel in the occupation itself, adding that the illegal annexation of Palestinian territory was a "war crime" and violated relevant UN Security Council resolutions.

   Ashrawi stressed that the murder of civilians was "not the responsibility of the leadership of any political party," noting that the protest was a grassroots movement.

   "They were demanding their right to return under the international law for refugees," she said, adding that they were demanding the lifting of "the cruel siege" of Gaza so that they could "lead a minimum normal life even under occupation."

   "They were protesting American move on Jerusalem," she noted.

   At least 110 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli gunfire since late March during the protests held to demand the return of Palestinian refugees to their homes in Israel and protest U.S. President Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in December last year.