Wednesday, 17 July, 2019

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Fog, snowfall likely to delay flight operation at Helsinki

09 Jan 2019, 03:33 ( 6 Months ago)

DF Report
Snow clearing works at Helsinki Airport. Photo Finavia.

According to the forecasts there will be heavy snow fall on the Wednesday morning and the passengers are asked to pay attention to any potential effects on air traffic, said a Finavia press release.

Finavia’s maintenance team at Helsinki Airport is fully prepared and ready to keep the runways clear of snow.

According to the weather forecast, winds are favourable. So it is believed that air traffic will operate rather smoothly regardless of snowfall.

However, if freezing fog (freezing drizzle) appears, airplane engines must be defrosted between the flights. In this case, the de-icing operations will be busy, since de-icing must be done in two stages. This would cause delays.

In winter, weather conditions around zero degrees are challenging for airlines and other airport operators because of the changes between freezing and warming temperatures.

In Finland, the winter “snow-how” is shipshape and Finavia is used to run its airports even under extreme conditions. Sometimes , there will be some delays in order to ensure safe flying.

The authority apologise for any inconvenience, if this happens.