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Climate change brings more suicides in Finland: research

14 Nov 2018, 00:03 ( 6 Months ago)

DF-Xinhua Report
File Photo Lapland Material Bank by Arto Komulainen.

A Finnish research has indicated the lack of sunshine between November and March brings more suicides, and it affects men more than women.

With the climate change, darkness will increase in Southern and Central Finland. Snow cover eases the darkness, but winters are now seeing more rain as water from cloudy skies, noted Reija Ruuhela, a researcher at the Finnish Meteorological Institute.

"The less light, the more suicides," she said. Ruuhela added that "men will be more affected than women".

The risk of male suicides increases during low air pressure, while women are more prone to suicides during the high pressure, Ruuhela told national broadcaster Yle. The results are based on comparison of climate data and statistics of suicides and attempts in Finland.

The number of suicides in Finland kept declining from 1990. Ruuhela said that the climate change may halt the positive trend.

In 1990 some 1,500 suicides were reported in Finland. The number declined steadily afterwards. But in 2016 the figure of 757 showed an increase of 50 from the previous year, Statistics Finland reported.

Ruuhela said that while Finns are historically seasoned to stand cold weather, long hot periods are a new phenomenon. She suggests that the country should prepare better to meet a warmer climate.