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Ski resorts begin to open in the south

15 Jan 2018, 00:04 ( 15 Jan, 2018)

DF File Photo.

The Christmas season was marked by the absence of opened ski resorts in the south of Finland, reported local media.

A dozen ski resorts just opened a week ago, admitted Harri Lindfors, the Managing Director at Finnish Ski Area Association.

There are approximately 60 ski resorts throughout the whole country. About 40 ski resorts have opened for the winter season. Small ski resorts in the south, however, remain closed.

"This year, the frosty periods have been absent. The first frosty period has just arrived. This year, if ever, Finland has been divided into two," said Lindfors.

In the north, the conditions have allowed the opening of ski resorts. According to Matti Parviainen, the Operation Director of Ruka ski resort in Kuusamo, this winter's Christmas, New Year and Epiphany seasons have been one of the best.