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Country witnesses unusually warm September

Published : 08 Oct 2020, 01:49

  DF Report

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The mean temperature for September was higher than normal throughout the country, according to the Finnish Meteorological Institute.

The average temperature varied from approximately 14°C on the southern and southwestern coasts to just over 6°C in the northwest of Finnish Lapland.

Generally, the deviation from the long-term average was one to two degrees. The biggest deviation was in the western part of the country, where September was unusually warm.

A similar situation takes place less than once every 10 years. This was already the 12th consecutive September that was warmer than average. The last time September was colder than average was 2008. The reference period is 1981–2010.

The highest temperature of the month, 23.5 degrees Celsius, was recorded at the Tulkkila observation station in Kokemäki on 27 September. The lowest temperature of minus 7.1 degrees Celsius was recorded at the Lompolonvuoma observation station in Kittilä on the same date.