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California wildfires

Finland to see spectacular sunset

Published : 21 Sep 2020, 00:20

Updated : 21 Sep 2020, 00:41

  DF Report

Pixabay file photo.

The smoke rising from the forest fires in North America will give the sunset in Finland a redder-than-usual tinge on Monday evening, reported the national broadcaster Yle, quoting a meteorologist of the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI),

Smoke particles spreading from California wildfires are likely to reach Finland on Monday at about 6:00 pm, giving the sunset a red glow, said the report.

FMI Meteorologist Antti Lipponen in a Twitter post shared NASA's microparticle forecast, which shows a column of particles spewing towards Finland. Another person, Juha Lindfors, shared an image of a glowing sunset seen on Saturday evening at Haukipudas in Oulu.

According to Meteorologist Matti Huutonen, an area of rain will sweep over Finland from west to east on Monday. "We’ll have to see if the rain moves on before sundown," the Yle report quoted Huutonen as saying.

Huutonen told the Yle that people in southern and western Finland as well as Lapland would have the best chance of watching a spectacularly coloured sunset.

The sunset is scheduled for 7:22pm on Monday.