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Cyanobacterial blooms vary in sea, lakes

Published : 14 Aug 2020, 00:17

Updated : 14 Aug 2020, 10:11

  DF Report

Satellite observation of the Baltic Sea on Monday 10th of August. Photo SYKE.

Varying amounts of cyanobacteria have been observed in both sea waters and lakes in Finland, said the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) in a press release.

The warm and calm weather of last week has enabled cyanobacteria to rise to the surface water layers.

Abundant surface blooms of cyanobacteria were observed in certain open sea areas last weekend, but this week these blooms have faded to some extent.

In the lakes, cyanobacteria have become somewhat more abundant here and there, but the observations of cyanobacteria are still fewer than average for the season.

In the Järvi-meriwiki maintained by the SYKE, everyone has the opportunity to establish their own observation site and share algal bloom observations from lakes and coastal areas.

Individual observations can also be sent while navigating different water bodies, the press release added.