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Windy, cloudy weather restrains cyanobacterial blooms

Published : 10 Jul 2020, 02:43

Updated : 10 Jul 2020, 10:42

  DF Report

Press Release Photo Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) by Ilkka Lastumäki.

The cyanobacteria situation has stayed moderate both in lakes and sea areas in Finland, as a windy and cloudy weather restrained the occurrences, according to the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE).

The likelihood of any rise in cyanobacterial blooms continues to stay small, with no change in weather conditions.

For the time of summer, fewer cyanobacteria have been observed than is normal in lakes. The observations in sea areas are mostly either no cyanobacteria or some cyanobacteria.

There have been plenty of cyanobacteria only in the Turku archipelago and in the shores of Uusikaupunki.

A small amount of cyanobacteria in the water appears as green or yellowish particles. Narrow stripes of algae can drift to a beach.

In calm weather, a substantial amount of cyanobacteria form greenish or yellowish algal rafts and pile up in coastal water. Unlike cyanobacteria, pollen is found not only on the surface water but also, for example, on piers or yard furniture.

If the algae dissolve into tiny particles in the water when it is touched with a stick, it may be cyanobacteria. If the algae attach to the stick, it is something other than cyanobacteria. In a glass of water, cyanobacteria rise to the surface as tiny greenish particles within about an hour.