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Country experiences warm September this year

Published : 04 Oct 2019, 01:40

Updated : 04 Oct 2019, 10:55

  DF Report

Photo VisitFinland by Emilia Hoisko.

September was slightly warmer than usual in the coastal areas and the northern part of the country while in other parts of the country weather was close to the long-term average, according to the Finnish Meteorological Institute.

The average temperature in September ranged from little over 13 degrees on the south-west coast to around 6 degrees in the north of Finnish Lapland.

This was already the eleventh consecutive September that was warmer than average. Last time September was colder than average was in 2008, with 1981-2010 as the reference period.

In terms of temperature, the month was divided into two different periods. The first half of the month was clearly warmer than usual while the latter half of the month was colder than usual. However, during the very last days of the month the temperature rose again to figures that were higher than usual. The month’s highest temperature, 26.2°C, was recorded in Konnunsuo, Lappeenranta, on September 10. This was also the second latest hot day ever recorded in Finland. According to observations, the latest hot day, with the temperature of 25.2 degrees, was measured in Tampere and Seinäjoki on September 17, 1947.

The month’s lowest temperature, minus 8.1°C, was recorded in Naruska, Salla, on 19 September.