Thursday, 22 August, 2019

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Cyanobacterial blooms decline in sea areas, lakes

04 Aug 2019, 01:46 ( 18 days ago)

DF Report
Press Release Photo Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) by Ilkka Lastumäki.

Cool and windy weather has slowed down the growth of the cyanobacteria in Finnish sea areas and lakes, according to Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE).

The cooler and windy weather kept the cyanobacteria mixed in water as a result Cyanobacterial blooms have declined in the Baltic Sea as well as in lakes since last week.

However, if the weather warms up and the wind calms down, cyanobacteria may once again increase.

Earlier, in Mid July, SYKE said that the Gulf of Finland and parts of the Archipelago Sea have seen exceptionally broad blooming of blue-green algae in recent days. The exceptionally warm weather continued that time resulting the vigorous blooming of blue-green algae.

The amount of blue-green algae has statistically significantly increased in open sea areas in the Gulf of Finland, Sea of Åland and the Sea of Bothnia in the last approximately 40 years, SYKE said in late July.