Saturday, 25 May, 2019

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Autoilija application to be launched in summer

15 Mar 2019, 20:39 ( 2 Months ago) | updated: 16 Mar 2019, 00:41 ( 2 Months ago)

DF Report
Photo source:Traficom

The Autoilija (‘Driver’) application and its mobile driving licence have been piloted by the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom, and the agency plans to introduce them to the public in the summer.

A precise launch date is yet to be determined, said Traficom in a press release.

“Everything looks good for the launch of the mobile driving licence, and our objective is to introduce it during the summer. The application has already aroused a great deal of interest, and we are working on the final touches to ensure that all of its background systems run smoothly. This will enable the licence to perform as flawlessly in extensive use as it has throughout the pilot,” said Kimmo Pylväs, Head of Department.

“We will announce the exact date of deployment once it is confirmed. The plan is to launch the Autoilija application step by step which means that it will not be made available in application stores for all phone models simultaneously. We are currently working full steam ahead to ensure that the application will serve its users in the best way possible,” Pylväs pointed out.