Saturday, 25 May, 2019

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Ski holiday rush to begin at Helsinki Airport at weekend

13 Feb 2019, 17:03 ( 3 Months ago) | updated: 13 Feb 2019, 23:09 ( 3 Months ago)

DF Report
Finavia Photo.

Airports operator Finavia has advised passengers to reserve ample time at Helsinki Airport due to the impending ski holiday rush at the end of the week, said Finavia in a press release.

Finavia said that airports will start to fill up with holidaymakers.

Due to ski holidays, the Helsinki Airport has exceptional congestion and parking spaces are filled, said Finavia.

According to Finavia, passengers should reserve ample time and ensure they are at the airport in good time from 14th February to 17th February.

Especially passengers with flight taking off between 6-9 in the morning or 3-6 in the afternoon should reserve extra time.