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Drunken Finnair pilot removed at Helsinki airport

17 Aug 2018, 00:03 ( 10 Months ago)

DF-Xinhua Report
Photo Finnair.

A pilot of the national flag carrier Finnair has been prevented from boarding his scheduled plane for being "under the influence" of alcohol at Helsinki airport, local media reported on Thursday.

The incident took place on Wednesday when a police alcometer test had shown 1.5 per-mille for the pilot. The rest of the crew gave zero levels.

The police initially refused to divulge the nationality or the airline on the grounds that the matter was still unfinished as an investigation.

Some hours later, Finnair issued a press release confirming that Finnair was involved. Finnair deplored the incident, but noted that "its system had worked" as the pilot had been reported by other members of the crew.

Senior police officer Leif Malmberg told the MTV that the case is legally unclear. As the pilot had not yet entered the aircraft, the incident may not meet the criteria of the Finnish crime "drunken flying". "We must consult the prosecutor," Malmberg said.

However, Finnair as an airline has a zero tolerance policy and the pilot will be dismissed, a Finnair spokesperson said.

In the Finnish law, the per mille limit for prosecution in aviation is 0.5 and could bring fines or imprisonment up to two years.

Finnair has not said where the aircraft was to be flying.