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City plans uplifting tourist facilities

Arctic, Rovaniemi set to get posh, more comfy

28 May 2018, 11:45 ( 28 May, 2018)

DF Report by Natalia Nikolaeva
DF File Photo.

The City Council of Rovaniemi in early May adopted a plan that includes adding new and better tourism facilities to the Arctic Circle, and of course the city.

The plan envisages a sea change in the region, said Rovaniemi City Architect Tarja Outila.

The unique and pristine features of the Arctic nature are a key attraction that lures tourists in throngs to Rovaniemi round the year. “And the City of Rovaniemi realizes that the continued tourist boom and rising global interest in the beauty and purity of this polar region strongly demand more tourist facilities both in quantity and quality,” said Outila.

One of the most important national highways runs through a region very close to some tourist zones, which suffers from heavy traffic movement all the time and as a result generates chaos and chaotic noise. That and certain lack of security necessitate some major changes to the road and its surroundings, said the city architect.

In her words, “The traffic on the highway will get more and more heavy with time, as the forestry and mining industries in Lapland are also on the way to expansion. “But, the pedestrians do require some zones designed so that they can enjoy the walk and setting around them.”

According to the economic assessment report used for the planning, the areas earmarked for delivering tourist services would widen from the current 6,100 square metres to as much as 10,800 square metres, as the number of daily arrivals of visitors is seen to continue with its ascension.

Outila said, “The city should invest in streets and infrastructure and entrepreneurs will invest in the buildings and in safaris.” The estimated construction time for the project will be based on the future budget.

She, however, told the Daily Finland that the implementation costs of different components of the plan are not finalised yet, and are expected to remain so until the design of a new transport infrastructure is ready and approved. After that, something good is waiting for the local residents – when the plan enters into the implementation phase, it will generate a lot of business and job opportunities for them.

She hopes, by carrying out this plan, the city will be transformed into a really safe and even more enchanting tourist destination in the European North.