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CDB blacklists Finnair for failure to pay compensation

26 May 2018, 01:56 ( 26 May, 2018) | updated: 26 May 2018, 10:50 ( 26 May, 2018)

DF Report
Photo Source: VisitFinland by Finnair.

The Consumer Disputes Board has blacklisted the national flag carrier Finnair for failure to provide standard compensations to the victims for cancelled or delayed flights, reported national broadcaster Yle.

Finnair is the only state-run company, which has been blacklisted by the Consumer Disputes Board for failure to follow the recommendations of the board regarding consumer protections.

According to the chairman of the board Pauli Ståhlberg, the case of Finnair is significant as the state-run company should serve as an example when it comes to protecting consumer rights.

“In contrast, it seems that on average Finnair fares worse in following customer protection rules,” said the Yle quoting Ståhlberg.

The board earlier, asked Finnair to pay compensation of EUR 600 to a traveler who missed her connecting flight from Hong Kong to Melbourne due to delay of Finnair flight to Hong Kong following technical glitch.

Finnair refused to pay the recommended amount to the customer saying that the flight was delayed due to “an unforeseen circumstance”.

The Consumer Disputes Board, however, did not agree with the airlines and said that an unforeseen circumstance is only rarely related to a technical fault.

Finnair usually offers the victims a voucher or cash that is lower in value instead of paying a compensation of 600 euros, said the Yle report, quoting the Consumer Ombudsman of Finland.

The airlines also gives consumers a misleading scenario of the existing legal practice, the carrier's obligations and passenger rights, said the board.