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Helsinki Airport’s apron renovation ends this month

Published : 30 Dec 2020, 00:17

Updated : 30 Dec 2020, 09:55

  DF Report

Photo: Finavia.

The massive renovation of Helsinki Airport apron that was undertaken by the country’s airport operator Finavia three years ago will be completed at the end of December, said Finavia in a press release. The renovation covered renewing aircraft parking facilities, improving taxiways, and increasing de-icing capacity. Improving energy efficiency was a central goal of the contract.

The aims of the renovation were to ensure safe taxiing and parking as well as to increase air traffic capacity and improve efficiency. Thanks to the renewed infrastructure of the apron, the environmental impacts of air traffic will decrease further.

As part of the taxiway renovation, Finavia replaced about 500 centre line and stop lights with LED technology. Half of the 14,000 lighting fixtures in the manoeuvring area of the carbon-neutral Helsinki Airport area are now energy-efficient.

“The scale of the renovation is massive, and it will help Finavia to achieve the zero-emissions target set in its climate programme. Helsinki Airport has been carbon neutral since 2017, and now we have turned our gaze towards the future,” said Finavia Technical Director Henri Hansson.