Monday, 14 October, 2019

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Lake Inari tops among Europe´s most beautiful places

06 Oct 2019, 23:51 ( 7 days ago) | updated: 06 Oct 2019, 23:53 ( 7 days ago)

DF News Desk
Lake Inari. Photo Lapland Material Bank.

The Cable News Network (CNN) has listed the Lake Inari in Finland as one of the most beautiful places in Europe, reported CNN.

The name of Lake Inari has been listed in the top among the 20 of Europe's most beautiful places to inspire travels of the people, said the report.

High above the Arctic Circle and close to Finland's border with Russia, Lake Inari is a year-round paradise, said the report, adding that dark, snowy winters make it ideal for catching a glimpse of the aurora borealis.

Its tree-lined banks glow a burnt orange during autumn and in summer, you can swim in its chilly shallows. The center of local Sámi culture, it's as remote and traditional as Finland gets.

From Norwegian islands high above the Arctic Circle to forest-covered mountains in Romania, windswept sandy beaches in Wales and icy lakes in the Balkans, Europe is a spectacularly varied place, said the report.

The old continent's historic cities and its Mediterranean beaches draw many of its visitors, but the best destinations are sometimes its more remote corners, known mainly to locals and a few intrepid travelers, the CNN report added.

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