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Council of Europe meet to affect traffic in Helsinki

Published : 15 May 2019, 00:40

Updated : 17 May 2019, 00:28

  DF Report

Photo Source: City of Helsinki.

The Council of Europe meeting in Helsinki will affect traffic arrangements in the metropolitan area, especially in Helsinki and Vantaa, on Thursday and Friday, said a police press release.

The most significant impact will take place in the centre of Helsinki and on the main routes between Helsinki-Vantaa Airport and Helsinki city centre.

“Plenty of extra time should be reserved for travel on Thursday and Friday, because traffic will be temporarily limited across the city. The estimated length of the interruptions is up to 20 minutes at a time, so it is advisable to use public transport. There will be several convoys in the metropolitan area during the meeting days, but precise routes cannot be announced in advance for security reasons. No traffic is allowed on the routes when convoys are on the move, but traffic has to be stopped momentarily,” said Helsinki Police Superintendent Jarkko Lehtinen.

On Thursday, the biggest impact on traffic will be in the afternoon from 3:00pm until the evening, and on Friday, from 11:00am until early evening. The biggest impact on Friday is likely to occur during the afternoon rush hour.

The most significant hindrances to traffic in the city centre will be in the surroundings of the meeting place, Finlandia Hall, and generally on Mannerheimintie, but there will be widespread traffic interruptions elsewhere in the inner city area, for example in the vicinity of some hotels.

“On part of Thursday, Mannerheimintie will be partly closed in the vicinity of Finlandia Hall to the north. During the meeting days, it is advisable to try to choose other routes than Mannerheimintie to pass Finlandia Hall,” Lehtinen said.

On Thursday, there will be traffic interruptions on Tuusulantie from the airport to the direction of Helsinki and on Friday, from Helsinki to the airport. The police will be directing traffic on site.

“Distinguished visitors will land at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. Those who travel around Helsinki-Vantaa and on Tuusulantie on Thursday and Friday should be prepared for traffic interruptions. It is good to note that the interruptions may also be reflected on the ring roads and the roads surrounding Tuusulantie. Those driving their own vehicles should reserve time on Thursday and Friday when travelling on these roads,” said Superintendent Timo Leppälä of the Eastern Uusimaa Police Department.

Changes are expected in public transport, especially in Helsinki inner city and on routes between the airport and Helsinki city centre.

According to preliminary information, the metro, local trains and Suomenlinna ferry will operate as normal on the meeting days, but delays and exceptions can be expected for bus and tram traffic. The biggest impact of the meeting will be on the means of transport travelling near Finlandia Hall on Mannerheimintie, i.e. trams as well as bus lines operating from Elielinaukio and Kamppi.