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Full-body security scanners in use at Helsinki Airport

Published : 23 Apr 2019, 21:15

  DF Report

Finavia press release photo.

A modern full-body scanner, which reduces the need for manual checks, is now in use at the new transfer passenger security control point,said Finavia in a press release.

This year, similar instruments will also be taken into use at T2 departure hall security control points.

Helsinki Airport has previously tested new body scanner technology. Now, the best of the piloted models has been taken into use at Terminal 2 transfer passenger security check.

“This model was found to be the best out of all appliances we tested. It is fast to use, precise, and ergonomic for the passenger,” Matti Lehto, Head of Operations, Digitalisation, at Finavia said.

Passengers need to go through the security scanner only if they trigger an alert at the metal detector gate.

“The scanner does not produce a detailed image of the person but does show a human figure, and highlights the area causing the alarm in a bright colour. The security officer only manually checks that part of the person’s body,” says Lehto.

The image and other data will be automatically deleted when the security check event is completed.