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World Cup of Ruka will be a 3-day event in future too

09 Nov 2018, 11:29 ( 7 Months ago) | updated: 09 Nov 2018, 11:34 ( 7 Months ago)

DF News Desk
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International Ski Federation FIS (Fédération Internationale de Ski) confirmed on Tuesday, during the Autumn meeting in Zürich, that the World Cup of Ruka – Ruka Nordic - will stay the same for the years of 2019-2022.

For cross-country skiing, there has been a rudimentary plan for a three-day competition for the year 2022. The same will probably be done for combined and ski jumping, although the calendar for different sports is confirmed every year.

This year The Ruka Nordic will be held on November 23-25, and there will be eight different World Cup events. On Friday there will already be a backup competition and a qualification race of ski jumping, even though, other scores for World Cup will be given on Saturday and Sunday.

It will be the 17th Ruka Nordic this year. The first competition in Ruka World Cup was already 16 years ago. Only this year there will be athletes arriving at Ruka from 30 different countries and there will be somewhat 400 different media representatives in the location.

There is still room for success in the national team

According to the secretariat general of Ruka Nordic, Seppo Linjakumpu, Nordic ski sports have established a strong position in the opening competition of World Cup. The Ruka Nordic 2018 opens the World Cup of the combined and the cross-country skiing. In turn, World Cup of ski jumping will be opened a week earlier in Poland. This is not to say that there wouldn’t be exciting hill competitions in Ruka Nordic too.

This winter the competition will be on fire when the race for the victory of the World Cup begins after an intense training period. There is a lot of expectations also for the Finnish athletes after a successful season of last year and after the success in the Olympics of the Pyeongchang.

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At the moment, in the women’s cross-country skiing Finnish Krista Pärmäkoski is ranked at 4 in the scores of World Cup. It remains to be seen whether Pärmäkoski can rank higher than last year. The goal is to win the overall competition of the World Cup. Prior to this, it has only been achieved by three other Finnish women:  Marja-Liisa Hämäläinen (1982-1984), Marjo Matikainen (1985-1988) and Virpi Kuitunen (2006-2008).

According to Linjakumpu, Finnish athletes will be competing at the forefront of cross-country skiing and combined sports. With ski jumping the situation remains open. It will be a big shot especially for the young talents in ski jumping, as many of the veterans have finished their career last season.



Ruka Nordic will be opened on Friday morning with cross-country skiing sprint training and with training for the combined. The real deal will begin in the afternoon when the backup competition of ski jumping begins with the first round as well as with elimination game in ski jumping.

The real game begins on Saturday first thing in the morning with cross-country skiing. Next, it is time for combined in ski jumping as well as cross-country skiing as finals for men and women. The day continues with combined in cross-country skiing and ends with ski jumping.

On Sunday the competition will be concluded with men’s and women’s combined in 15 km and 10 km cross-country skiing. After team sprint in combined the day ends with ski jumping.

It is recommended to check the updated program before the event at Ruka Nordics website.


The bright future of Ruka Nordic


Ruka Nordic has gained a stable position in the World Cup, not to forget its strong role as the opener of the winter sports season. Thanks can be given for the continuing developing of the location. Over the years both the ski jumps and skiing lanes have been improved. Development of the area has also steadily increased tourism in the area.

Linjakumpu underlies the importance of the continuing development of the total event. Special thanks go to the city of Kuusamo that has actively supported the development of the World Cup. Also, citizens have given a big contribution for the event. On yearly bases, there have been about 700 volunteers to build Ruka Nordic. This year, 300 students will be volunteering in the event. During these 3 days, there will be over 20 000 people coming for the event to cheer the athletes.

This year, there has been a couple of new investments. For instance, there have been improvements in power supply and data connections. Next year, probably a new stand will be built for the ascending part of the skiing. In addition, there is a plan for a new training centre in the stadium area.

In November you should pack your bag and head to the North to enjoy top-level sports in addition to the beautiful landscapes.