Political leaders differ on Sote timeline

13 Mar 2019, 20:00

  DF Report

Photo Source: Mikael Kirkko-Jaakkola/Veroekonomisti.

The Chair of Suomen Keskusta (Centre Party of Finland) Juha Sipilä believes that the reform of social welfare and healthcare -Sote reform can be achieved in 2021, reported national broadcaster Yle.

Besides Sipilä, leaders of four political parties including Antti Rinne of Sosialidemokraattinen Puolue (Social Democratic Party of Finland-SDP), chair of Kansallinen Kokoomus (National Coalition Party) Petteri Orpo and Pekka Haavisto the chair of Vihreä Liitto (Green League) met on Wednesday during the Taxpayers Association of Finland (TAF) 2019 event in Helsinki.

TAF's economic and tax policy panel invited the leaders of the four most popular parties in the country based on the last four polls to their panel.

Speaking during the TAF's Prime Minister Panel, Sipilä said it is possible to complete the reform if "we are smart and make good use of ready-made legislation,”

On the other hand, leader of main opposition party Antti Rinne was of the opinion that the reform would take off a year later in 2022.

On the other hand,Orpo and Haavisto both expressed contentment pointing out that the reform would be accomplished in the next parliamentary term.

Sipilä also said that he was seriously contemplating the proposal of Helsinki mayor Jan Vapaavuori which gives Helsinki a special status within the reform. In this case the City of Helsinki would assume tasks of a regional entity.

Juha Sipilä resigned last week as the country’s prime minister in what was widely attributed to failure to reform the country social and healthcare systems.